Hylunia Spa: A Little Bit of Bali in The OC

I've recently stumbled upon a wellness oasis that will make you feel as if you're at a spa in Bali – both in respect to the design of the spa and the fact that they use a 3D, 15-minute movie to mentally transport you there.

Yes, you read that title correctly. I’ve recently stumbled upon a wellness oasis that will make you feel as if you’re at a spa in Bali – both in respect to the design of the spa and the fact that they use a 3D, 15-minute movie to mentally transport you there. Bali is one of my favorite destinations in the world, so naturally, I was thrilled to discover that there was a spa in Costa Mesa that can transport me back to the tranquility and serenity that is Bali.

Having been to countless spas in Orange County, I appreciate ones who can actually make me feel as if I’ve left not even just the city but the country! What is this amazing spa that I speak of? It’s called Hylunia Wellness MD Spa located over by Triangle Square in Costa Mesa. Hylunia goes beyond your typical spa, offering many different services from yoga and cooking classes to your typical spa treatments like massages, facials and body wraps. (They even offer botox services, ladies!)

I recently had a Hylunia Custom Facial and I left feeling so completely relaxed and my skin felt extremely hydrated. Before getting started, my facialist had me smell three different oils that would be used for the massage. (Yes, there is a massage in additional to the facial treatment.) The oils were based on the doshas of Ayurvedic medicine. Already knowing what my own dosha is, I happened to pick the exact oil that was my dosha, which, in my opinion, is a tell-tale sign that Ayurvedic medicine is pretty amazing!

All products used at the spa are toxin free, paraben free, gluten free, GMO free, preservative free, holistic and vegan. Basically, you are walking into a chemical free paradise and leaving feeling refreshed, rehydrated and rejuvenated.

The spa is beautiful and spread out over a very large space. The way that the spa is set up allows you to feel as if you are the only person in the spa. You will not be sent to a waiting room with a bunch of other people. You get personalized attention. Something which seems to be kind of hard to come by these days in the world of spas. Hylunia is the perfect place to escape by yourself, with your significant other or with your girlfriends for the perfect spa day!









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Hylunia Wellness MD Spa
1901 Newport Boulevard Suite 180
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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