Thinking about moving? Here are the best places to live in 2016.
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  • Hi! I like reading your blog! I’m a Dutch native and I love the Netherlands. However, I can also definitely recommend Bangkok/Thailand. The past six months I have done my internship in Hua Hin (3 hour drive from Bangkok) and I fell in love with Thailand, its culture and its people. I agree with you on the other cities: I would love to live in Berlin, Prague, Seoul or somewhere in South America (maybe Buenos Aires?).

    • Hi Saskia! Thanks for reading! Thailand is amazing and I loved my time that I spent there. How lucky you’ve been living there. South America would be amazing we well. Hoping to get to Buenos Aires soon even if it’s just for a visit 🙂

  • Hi, I appreciate your site, inteesting. I’m from Sydney and I have been thinking and searching just like yourself where to live and work in 2016. My most favorate destination is Italy as I spent some time last year in Rome but the down side is work as I’m not sure if I could find anything. I’m an international lawyer and I have tried very hard to find work there but I’ve failed so far. I have also lived and studied in Costa Rica, another nice destination. I’m going to go for Italy, I believe again and if you can help in anyway, I would very much appreciate. Thanks

    • Hey Hemn! Thanks for reading! My favorite destination is Italy too and if I could choose anywhere to live then it would most definitely be Italy. However, you are right – finding work is very difficult. If you speak Italian, you could most certainly snag a job as an English teacher for business professionals which I hear pays fairly well. Good luck and buon viaggio!

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