10 Photographers on Instagram You Need to Follow

One of my first posts was a called 7 Instagram Travelers You Should Follow. While I did feature a good friend of mine on there, the rest have become virtual friends of mine – and this was almost 3 years ago!!! This is the beauty of blogging and social media. It connects you with like-minded people (and travelers, in my case) near and far. You can inspire one another, learn from each other and keep in touch across oceans.

My how things have changed since starting this blog back in 2013. When I first started blogging, I was using such an old camera that when I eventually went to a camera store to buy a new one, I asked the sales associate what he thought I could resell my current camera for and he said: “Nothing. I don’t even know if you could give it away. It was one of the first DSLR cameras ever made. It needs to go.” Imagine my surprise when I thought back on all my trips where I had been lugging around this giant, vintage, monstrosity of a camera. Today, I have a much better camera – you can read more about my equipment on my FAQ page.

Over the years, I’ve worked on my photography – reading blogs and getting inspiration from the best photographers around the world. One of the things that I love about photography is that two people can be in the exact same place and walk away with two completely different images. I’m by no means a professional photographer (#goals) but as an aspiring photographer, I love following the pros on Instagram. Here are my picks for the best photographers on Instagram.

Sometimes the stars will guide you home. Other times you wonder, "Should I ever go home?" –

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Stephen Bellrichard

Stephen Bellrichard is a self-taught photographer and artist, based in Washington State, whose work is layered with outdoor, lifestyle, skiing, astro, and travel subjects. Check out his Instagram @stephenskis or his website www.stephenbellrichard.com.

Missing this place that used to feel like a second home. I can't wait to get back out here.

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Alexandra Taylor

Allie Taylor is probably one of my favorite photographers. I love her use of light. She has an incredible eye and is an inspiration to all female photographers. Follow her on Instagram @alliemtaylor. She also recently posted her first YouTube video which is an inspiration to all wanderlusters, travelers, and photographers alike.

It's often best to do what fear is telling you not to. Not in this situation though 😦 #WHPmakebelieve

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Rob Strok

This list wouldn’t be complete without including Rob Strok, who also happens to be a frequent travel partner of Allie Taylor. I love the way Rob incorporates his subjects into his shots. He also has a killer Youtube Channel which provides amazing photography tips including his behind-the-scenes footage from shoots. Check out his Instagram @robstrok.

Ryan Field

Ryan is an Oregon-based photographer who often seems to be travleing with a canine friend in tow. Check out his Instagram @ryan_field_ for some incredible PNW inspiration.

Scott Kranz

Scott is a freelance photographer and writer based in Seattle, Washington. Scott takes a typical, beautiful landscape and turns into something unique. He makes the photo come to life. I also love his descriptions on all his posts. Yes, I’m one of those who actually reads the caption. Check out this Instagram @scott_kranz or his website www.scott-kranz.com.

Craig Howes

The South African-based photographer is a master at landscape photography. Check out his @craighowes for some incredible photography from Cape Town and beyond. Also, check out his incredible drone video of the Faroe Islands.

Daniel Ernst

German-based photographer Daniel Ernst is capturing some pretty incredible landscapes around Europe and beyond. The photographer from Frankfurt says, “With my photography and stories I want to inspire people, causing a desire, a motivation to leave the rush behind, escape routine, go outdoors, explore and experience nature.” Follow him on Instagram @daniel_ernst and check out his website www.danielernstphoto.com.

Starlit views. Nothing but the sound of crashing waves. Much better than dreaming the night away.

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Quin Schrock

Quin Schrock is an adventure and lifestyle photographer based out of Southern California and Oahu. His night photography is on point as well as the countless adventures he documents on his Instagram @everchanginghorizon. Check out his website and blog for more amazing photography.

Nate Wyeth

The moment I stumbled upon that picture of the golden retriever in the tent soaking up the morning views, I was hooked to Nate’s Instagram. Based in Bend, Oregon, Nate is a photographer, videographer and designer. Follow him on Instagram @natewyeth or check out his website www.natewyeth.com.

Taylor Burk

Landscape photography on crack. The Vancouver-based photographer says, “As a photographer I strive to ignite the enthusiasm of wanderlust in others through my images.” Follow him on Instagram @taylormichaelburk or check out his website www.taylorburk.com.

Who are some of your favorite photographers on Instagram?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

And of course, don’t forget to follow yours truly on Instagram @diarieswanderlust. I’m no professional like the ones on this list, but hey, it’s all about goals. Right?

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